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Our Team


Bar Portnoy
Co-Founder & CEO

Bar Portnoy co-founded Marquis Global Media in 2016 and serves as the CEO and Creative Director at Marquis.

 Since his early teen years, He had gotten into the industry as a Web-Developer for WiseGroup which is a web-development company with ones of the biggest clients in Israel and Europe. 


He later moved to having a range of successful online businesses,From affiliate marketing and raw coding web-development as a freelancer, to advanced Digital Marketing,Lead Generation and SEO Services for Small and Corporate businesses and even House maintenance.

This Experience has given him an innate view of what the online market is craving , and how to successfully Market and promote a business. Bar is using his Knowledge to help lead Marquis Global media in new and exciting directions.He is the driving force behind Marquis businesses Strategies . 


Bar currently sits on the boards of Supreme Air , Air Brokers , Marquis Global Media , Port-Capital Investments INC , Rosen financial and more..


In his free Time Bar Enjoys sports, music, friends and learning new things.

hadeed 111.png

Hadeed Mujahid

Hadeed Mujahid serves as the CTO - Chief Technology Operator & marketing expert at Marquis Global Media. Hadeed completed his Computer Science degree from SSUET. He is a Computer Scientist which leads him to become a great problem solver.

Hadeed has held a variety of web and digital positions. The one constant throughout his career has been a focus on Digital Strategy, Coding, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, and Digital Marketing.

As a Chief Technology Operators at MGM, he spends his days focused on understanding his clients' digital pain points and helping them solve their digital problems. He uses data, strategy, and insights to guide his recommendations and look for ways to continually improve his client’s online presence.

He believes every company deserves an opportunity to delight its users, that a company is defined by its interactions with its users, and that a good web and digital presence is key to success.

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